Man Food

Several of the recent conversations on The Front Porch Swing have been heavy. Caution: more to come later.

But, this afternoon let’s just enjoy a few minutes together without deep theological issues or a sermonette.

My wife recently saw a quaint wooden sign at our local Hobby Lobby with rules for a front porch. It even had a swing on the sign so she snapped a picture with her I-Phone camera. I have been saving it for a day like today- beautiful, warm autumn afternoon in Central Oregon.

I trust you can read most of the guidelines for using a front porch swing effectively. Feeling the breeze. Enjoying friends and family. No flowers left to smell here but a few autumn colored leaves cling to the tree out front.

So, guys, what do you prepare for lunch when your wife is out shopping or sipping tea with her friends?

What’s the “go to item” in your “man cupboard?”

For me, when I am on my own to prepare a meal for myself, you can wager it will probably be something from the sea. I love seafood. On a cruise, I am a site to behold. Seafood for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Is that a taste of heaven?

But, left home alone today, I went to the pantry to retrieve my “go to menu.” A can of sardines, yep! I don’t dare fetch them when the grandkids are here lest I hear groans and threats to vomit from the aroma. Out of respect for Mary, I only eat the little fish when she is gone.

I know you all want the recipe so here it is: one tin of sardines, two slices of bread with butter, a dollop of yellow mustard and a slice of sweet onion topped with lettuce.

That’s it. I savor each bite- grateful for a little fish that sacrificed itself just for me. I eat to the glory of God and sense, I think, His pleasure. After all Jesus fed a multitude with a boy’s biscuits and sardines. Doesn’t get a whole lot better than that, at least not when I am home alone.

So, guys, what’s in your man cave pantry? What’s your go to item? Hey, if it is a sardine sandwich, ring me up.

Perhaps we can sit on our front porch and listen to the birds and the breeze while we imbibe on the bounty from the deep.