About Me

Picture of Syd and Mary

Welcome to the Standing On The Promise, whether you are new guest that recently discovered us or an old faithful friend following these weekly blogs.

I set up a blog site and began sending short, informal messages after retiring from Foundry Church, in Bend, where I served twenty-four years as lead, teaching pastor. My initial site was called Ramblings of a Retired Preacher, but after encouragement from friends, who felt I had matured past rambling, I chose a new title about a front porch swing. Old homes often had front porches where people sat and visited in the cool evenings. Front porches helped bring neighbors together. After getting persistant messages about the costs of purchasing a front porch swing, I have changed the name again.

Now after posting more than 200 blogs, it has been rewarding to watch the number of followers increase. Today this includes people on the east coast and the west coast as well as the midland and a few foreign countries. Several of you have been members of the churches I have pastored. I realize the ministry is still small in comparison to the very popular blog sites.

I am grateful for those I have known personally and for each new friend that has taken time to read the blogs. I welcome your comments and feedback and encourage conversations about blogs whether positive or negative.

For those who have never met me personally, I would like to share a little bit about Mary and me. She is from Ohio, and I from Nebraska.

We met at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago and began dating our first year. I proposed to her at the beginning of the second year and married the following summer. While students we anticipated serving as missionaries in a Muslim country. After graduating from Moody we returned to Galion, Ohio where we served as youth leaders in her home church and I completed my Bachelors Degree. Instead of the mission field God clearly led us to the pastorate of a rural church in Ohio where we served over seven years.

Eventually we moved to Portland, Oregon where I pursued a Master of Arts Degree in Old Testament studies at Western Seminary. I also served as pastor of Powellhurst Baptist Church almost thirteen years before coming to Bend where I served as pastor of Foundry Church twenty-four years and retired four years. I prefer to say I have been “retreaded” since I volunteer at several ministries.

In June 2019 Moody Publishers released a book that I wrote, God in His Own Image: Loving God for who He is … not who we want Him to be. I believe the topic is very relevant, and the book is written for the average Christ-follower or a seeker so it contains personal anecdotes. It also includes discussion questions for small groups.

I encourage you to check out the book and if you enjoy it, share it with your friends. It can be purchased through Amazon or any major book seller.

We have two sons and five grandchildren. We enjoy two great grandsons that live within five minutes from us.

Mary is a very creative gal and a wonderful wife, mother and grandmother. Her hobbies used to be craft projects but today she prefers relaxing with a good Christian fiction book. She has led a women’s small support and Bible study group and has mentored other women. She is an exceptional host, cheerfully providing meals for guests.

My hobbies used to be outdoor activities including fishing, hunting and backpacking. After complications from serious spinal injuries I now limit myself to walking in Sunrise Park here in Troutdale, reading and doing Sudoku.

Writing the book, God in His Own Image, was not on my bucket list, but I am grateful God enabled me to write it. Now I enjoy creating these weekly blogs.

So, settle back and enjoy posts while standing on the promise. Share your questions and comments and criticism.