Missing on The Ballot

The name of a leading presidential candidate was missing on the ballot in New Hampshire so his supporters wrote in his name. The candidate from the other party is presently involved in a legal battle to keep his name on the ballot in Colorado. But, one thing is certain, the Messiah’s name will not appear on any ballot in any state.

You probably noticed that I didn’t identify either candidate by name. My intention is to demonstrate that neither party or candidate can make America Great in the eyes of God.

Do I lean toward one party? If you’ve followed my posts here on Standing on The Promise, it should be obvious because of my strong conviction about the sanctity of all human life. One party supports legal abortion for any reason by any method and at any time during pregnancy. The same party seems committed to destroy the sacredness of marriage and the priority of the family. I consider each of those issues a direct assault against our Creator.

So, my question is “what would make America great again?”

That word “again” suggests America was once great or at least greater today. I believe America was founded upon biblical principles, but we have never been a perfect nation. No human government has been perfect—not even Israel under the rule of David. Imperfect politicians can’t create utopia.

A couple of decades ago, evangelical leaders that were critical of the president, said a president’s moral character mattered. Today, some of the same evangelical leaders, when asked if moral character of a president matters, they answer “no.” My question is how can this double-speak come from the same evangelical mouth?

So, what will make America great? Will it be a robust economy? Borders that are safe? Will a strong military make America great? Will the rule of Law in our cities make us greater? Will the return to “blind justice” regardless of color, gender, economic status or political persuasion make us greater?

To all the above, I say “yes!” But I’m not holding my breath considering our current, dysfunctional government.

The greater question is how can we who claim to follow Jesus help make America great? Get involved. Vote. Pray fervently. Pray for all in authority, not just the president. It’s always safe to pray God’s will be done because it will be done. Even if that means my candidate may lose.

So how can we pray for our nation? I suggest we begin by praying for the Church. Some churches have drifted so far from biblical truth they no longer have a message that transforms. Pray for pastors and congregations to humble themselves and to confess their lukewarmness and lack of compassion. Pray that the Holy Spirit will convict and call us back to God.

“Repent, remember and return” was Jesus’ challenge to five of the seven churches in Revelation 2 & 3. The church in America is in desperate need to listen to Jesus’ harsh evaluation.

Repent! Turn back and walk in truth.

Remember! Remember who we are and to whom we owe allegiance. Remember how amazing the gospel of salvation by grace alone once seemed.

Return! Return to your passionate love for Him and for one another. Return to the authority of God’s Word.

No political party or presidential candidate or slogan can save America from imploding on itself. Our hope must not be in a politician or a party but the one savior and Lord who will return again—not as a baby in swaddling clothes but in royal robe and golden crown. He will bring the peace we pursue. He will make new all that was broken through sin.

Sadly, His name is not on the ballot, but one day everyone will submit to Him as Supreme Ruler and judge.

Do you know Him?

Are you as passionate about Him as you are for your favorite presidential candidate?