It’s Not What the Preacher Said

This week, after a very busy couple of weeks with radio interviews for the book and with our granddaughter Faith’s high school graduation and the party that followed in our home, I am drained.

I have composed another blog and sent it to my friend, Larry Libby, who peruses each blog and turns mediocrity into the something much better. He is a very busy free-lance editor for well known and best-selling authors, but he shares his skills with me as a friend. I am so grateful for his input into the book, God in His Own Image, before Moody Publishers had even received the manuscript. In fact, I suspect, Moody would have rejected the book had Larry not masterfully helped me improve my writing skills.

I wrote an article a few weeks ago that was published in Pastor Resources Magazine and posted on

This week on The Front Porch Swing, I would like to share a link to the article. The original article was intended for pastors. Over a million pastors receive Pastor Resources as a tool to assist them in their ministry. Moody Publishers first asked me to write the article and to  submit it to Pastor Resources to help provide exposure to me, an unknown author. To be honest, I was surprised when the article was accepted and published.

I cannot reproduce the article in its entirety so the link must suffice. Before you open the link to read the article a few comments are appropriate:

  • First, my apologies to my missionary friend mentioned in the article just in case he reads it and recognizes himself in the article. To my friend, not to be identified, you are loved and valued deeply for your skills on and off the global mission field. You have been a godly roll model of what it means to leave father and mother and follow Jesus Christ.
  • Secondly, the article points out the struggle pastors face when we use terms such as “heavenly Father.” People hear through a grid of their life experiences and previous religious training. Church attendees may not hear what we pastors meant to say. That is the point of the article. Perhaps you will discover yourself somewhere among the listeners in the imaginary congregation. Perhaps your view of God has been skewed or better yet, affirmed, by your life experiences and traianing.

Thanks for exploring the article.


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